Frequently Asked Questions

Why was MoveMyCouch created?

We wanted to make it easy for people to move almost anything. For example, you sold a couch or an exercise machine and needed taken to the buyer, depending on where you live that can become a difficult or very expensive task.

How can MoveMyCouch be absolutely free?

MoveMyCouch will be free forever. We expect to keep the costs low enough that we don’t need much money and the money we do get will be from donations (for the great service we are providing 😊) and from a limited number of ads somewhere in the process.

Why not use an Uber like model?

Uber is disrupting everything that is transportation related, but we think there is still place for independent contractors to offer great service at reasonable prices without having to be governed by a large corporate. Also, Uber is spending billions which we don’t have.

How do you expect to grow fast enough to be competitive?

We do have to grow massively to be of any real value to both movers and users. We expect that the value we add to users and movers will be sufficiently great that they will become advocates. If we don’t add the value then we expect to go extinct.