Why MoveMyCouch?

We support small, intermediate and large moves

  • MoveMyCouch can help you find a mover to move a couch around the living room or across the country!

Only get the help that you need

  • Only request what you need i.e. only a truck or only labor or both.

Trustworthy Help

  • Review your mover’s credentials and reputation prior to scheduling.
  • To gain your confidence movers can share as much information as they would like.
  • Rate your mover at the end

On Your Schedule

  • Work directly with the mover to schedule the move.

Great and Fair Pricing

  • You get multiple quotes and negotiate directly with the mover.
  • MoveMyCouch does not take a cut so prices are kept low.  

Save Time & Your Back

  • Finding movers is quick and easy and getting help saves your back.
No Fees to use MoveMyCouch